Our Policy

Deposits: In contrast to other places a deposit when booking a room is not required. We believe that our clients will be pleased with our prices and services and will honour their booking.

Booking Changes: Changing the date or status of a confirmed booking is also possible. However, please inform us about the changes a few days before you check in on the renewed date, in order to fulfill your request. No extra fees will be charged for the changes.

Cancellation of a booking: In the event of cancellation made a few days before the check-in date we do not charge a cancellation fee. Also no charge will be made for accommodations aborted early, or cancellations made after the first night in. However, please make sure you cancel you booking early, so that we can allocate rooms to other customers.

Check-in: The official accommodation time-period starts from 12p.m. until 12p.m. the next day. For example, if you are arrive in Cyprus on the 3 rd of June at 02:00a.m. then, your commencing booking should be for the 2 nd of June.

Check-Out: The official accommodation night ends at 12:00p.m.

Breakfast: Prices for rooms include breakfast. However, we operate a restaurant at the same building and food is available any time at logical prices when wishing to have a meal without leaving the building.

Air-conditioning: All areas include air-conditioning.

Taxes: All taxes are included in the prices given.

Complaints Policy: In an effort to improve our services we are open to any comments made by our customers before their departure. It should be stressed that complaints made after departure will not be accepted.

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