Cyprus specialities are made with pure Mediterranean materials and travel you to unique and delicious flavours. In our restaurant you can eat traditional home cooked food. Try tasty and extraordinary seafood combinations, refreshing salads and a big variety of appetizers. Dishes according to season, aside with a rich cava as well as excellent service and value of money; in this way, enjoying our personal touch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
 Many tourists come to Cyprus on holiday but are sometimes hesitant to taste the local food. Part of the reason for this is, quite understandably, that the majority of people would like to know what they are eating. For this reason further information on some of the most delicious dish served in Cyprus , is provided below. 


is the traditional way of eating in Cyprus; from cold starters such as olives and pickled capers, to cooked dishes, served hot. In this way, many flavours, textures, aromas and combinations can be experienced in one meal. Those contemplating eating a Meze, should not eat too much during the day. There are plenty of dishes which never seem to stop coming. Be prepared for anything between 8-12 dishes, starting with salads, dips, breads and halloumi cheese often culminating in swordfish, crabs eaten whole, shell and all; accompanied by local and foreign wines.
involves aubergines and minced lamb or pork which is casseroled with a cottage pie like appearance mixed with cheese, accompanied by side salad.
includes larger and sometimes slightly fatty pieces of chicken, lamb or pork. On rare occasions you can get goat. This is prepared on much larger skewers and slowly spit roasted over a glowing charcoal fire. It is also sprinkled with herbs and served with potatoes and Greek salad.
is the traditional Cypriot kebab which you must compare with anything else that you have tasted anywhere else. It involves cubes of chicken or pork on a skewer which are grilled over a real charcoal fire. It is served with pitta bread and finely cut fresh salad.
consists beef and onions cooked in red wine. Served with either rice, chips, roast potato, or salad.

A sort of bite-size crunchy sea food surprise and a great way to get into the swing of things in Cyprus . The reasonable prices and real professional service turns the place into an everyday treat. Whether it is a quick snack, or a whole family lunch or dinner, our restaurant will always satisfy you with a big smile.The Owner Mr. Stavros is a fisherman and all the people can enjoy fresh fish and meze from our own area fish.